Used Car Loans

Used car loans at - it’s simple, affordable and possible for every car buyer. Better rates and flexible loan terms are a reality for bad credit borrowers as well. Apply now.


The need of car is primary. The car being new or old is secondary! Buying a used car is smart decision in today’s world! Pre-owned cars offer a decent drive at cheaper cost in comparison to new cars. Now, you have the opportunity of making your used car purchase even more economical!

Used Car Loans for Everyone is known for providing affordable auto financing to car buyers. The great thing about the company’s used car loans program is that anyone can apply for it.

Auto loans for used cars are ideal for bad credit borrowers because they are available at low rates. This means you can build your score easily with affordable payments. It is for the same reason that used car financing is beneficial for students and first time car buyers as well.

Requirements not only offers you the best auto financing program it also wants you to have a perfect car. And, so, it has provided you with guidelines to choose the best car financing program.

1. The car should have a clean title.
2. It should not be driven for more than 1,00,000 miles.
3. It should not be older than 8 years.

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Loan Type < 60 Months
(today's lowest rates)
> 60 Months
(today's lowest rates)
Used Car Loan 2.98%* 2.76%*

* Rates mentioned above assume excellent credit score. Car loan rates may be different depending on your state of residence, car loan amount, loan term, credit history, down payment, etc.

A 5 year used car loan for a $13,000 car. With a 2.98% interest rate, the monthly payments would be $233.48 for 60 months.