No Credit Car Loans

Lack of a good credit score doesn’t put an end to your dream of buying a car! You can get approved for an auto loan without a solid credit history. Apply for no credit car loans and buy a car with zero credit score. offers special financing to young car buyers and students who are yet to build a credit score.

A good credit score is important for getting an auto loan, luckily it is not a non-negotiable factor. You can get approved for a loan even when you have a zero credit score. How? Instead of searching for no credit car loans near me, you can apply online with

With years of experience in helping out young car buyers, students, and recent immigrants, we can make your auto loan experience interesting, not intimidating. We will offer you the best interest rates and make sure that you get a fair chance to build your credit score.

Are Car Loans with Zero Credit History Possible?

Yes, you most certainly can buy a car with zero credit history. Zero credit doesn’t mean you have poor financial habits. At, we understand that a lack of credit score doesn’t mean you are a risky credit borrower. It simply means you have not had a chance to apply for credit and make regular payments.

We will consider several factors before approving your loan request:

  • Income: Gross monthly income of $1500.
  • Employment Term: You must be employed for at least six months.
  • Additional Help: Down payment and cosigners are always helpful.
  • Loan Terms: Keep the loan term shorter and pay off the loan regularly.
  • Debt-to-Income Ratio: Keep your debts to a minimum so that you can make payments easily.
  • Payment of Utility Bills: You may not have any existing mortgage but paying utility bills on a regular basis will also help.

Apply online using our secure auto loan application form and we will get back to you with an auto loan quote in no time. In order to improve your approval chances, you can display the proof of your employment and income. If you are earning a part-time income from multiple jobs, it is okay. Many young car buyers work part-time jobs such as waiting tables, working at local department stores, baby-sitting, dog walking, etc. If your income is very low, ask your parents to become a cosigner or a co-borrower so that we can consider their credit scores and approve your loan.

How to Buy a Car with No Credit and No Cosigner?

Having a cosigner for your auto loan is recommended and not a compulsion. If your parents cannot cosign your loan, that is okay. You can apply for no credit no cosigner auto loans. Unlike traditional lenders such as banks,, does not have strict lending criteria. Mention your requirements in the application form so that we can work on finding a suitable loan quote for you.

With a little planning and support from, you can buy a car and build your credit score easily. Apply now to begin your financing journey.

Financing Tips

No Credit Auto Loans - Multiple Benefits to Young Car Buyers

No credit auto loan offers multiple benefits to young car buyers without any established credit history. The loan program not only gives you the opportunity of buying your favorite car, but it also enables you to build a good credit score. read more...

Zero Credit Auto Loans: The Perfect Lego Block to build your Credit Score

When you need a car for transport, don’t let your credit score become an obstacle. Do not think that because of a zero credit score you have to accept whatever financial terms the lender offers you. The truth is that with zero credit auto loans, you can get the comfort of the car and strike a good chance to build your credit score. read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Fast Auto Loan Approval does provide no credit no co-signer auto loans. Your approval chances look good because of your job and your willingness to make a down payment. So, apply for the car loan by filling the secure auto loan application form. Also, don’t forget to have proof of income and employment. It will speed things.
Fast Auto Loan Approval offers auto loans with different terms. It depends on the car loan application. Term lengths are somewhere in the range of 24-84 months. Most used cars are financed for shorter loan terms with 24-48 months It is advisable to go for a loan with a shorter loan term as it avoids the chances of an upside down car loan.
No credit car loans are like any other financing program available on the market. In order to get no credit car loans, you need to have a valid proof of identity, employment proof, recent pay-checks and bank statements. You can provide receipts for utility bills to manifest your financial habits.
Lenders like you to return their money on time. If you have maintained a checking and savings account for a long time, it can help you to prove yourself as a responsible car buyer. However, you will have to provide your statements separately as most credit scores only include credit accounts.