Low Rate Car Loans

Are you looking for affordable auto loans to buy your next car? Choose FastAutoLoanApproval.com to get the best auto loan rates that you deserve! Apply now to get the most competitive APR and lowest monthly payments even with a bad credit score. Submit your loan request today.

For every car buyer, the search for the best auto loan is of prime importance. The criteria for the best auto loan depends on your priorities and needs, however the majority of buyers focus on getting the best possible APR and lowest monthly payments. It enables them to make regular payments and puts them on the path to a better credit score.

If you want your auto loan rates to go down, the most important factor is to work with an auto financing company that can help you. If you have a credit score of 680 or more, getting decent interest rates becomes easy, but what if you are a bad credit borrower? If your credit score is bad or you have zero credit history, you need a specialist such as FastAutoLoanApproval.com.

The company has offered few of the best auto loan rates of 2019. You can grab an affordable loan by applying online. Submit your loan requirements on the secure website so that we can understand your situation and offer the lowest possible interest rate.

How to get a Low Rate Auto Loan with Bad Credit?

Auto loan interest rates for a subprime borrower can go as high as 14%. However, you can work on getting better rates and a lower car payment amount.

  • Working with a subprime lender such as FastAutoLoanApproval.com will improve your approval chances.
  • Choose an inexpensive car. Calculate the cost vs. interest rate on new cars and used cars to make a robust buying decision.
  • Showcase a strong financial status by providing proof of your current income.
  • You can make a down payment of any amount of your choice.
  • Bringing a cosigner is also an option for you.
  • Opt for a longer loan term to make the monthly payments affordable.

Get Lowest Interest Rates with FastAutoLoanApproval!

  • People with a good credit score can enjoy an APR as low as 3.4% on their auto loans.
  • People with subprime and deep-prime credit history receive the best interest rates.
  • Low rates mean lower and more regular monthly payments which can translate into a better credit score.
  • It helps you to enjoy an upper hand while negotiating with the dealer.
  • FastAutoLoanApproval.com commits to flexible approval criteria that makes low interest rates a reality for everyone.
  • Apply online and get approved within 2 business days.

Average Auto Loan Rates of 2019

Here are the average auto loan rates for 2019. Now remember to use the numbers as a reference because your actual APR will depend on a multitude of factors including credit score, financial stability, income, auto loan amount, loan term, etc.

Auto Loan Term

Average Interest Rate


New Car

Used Car

36 Months



48 Months



60 Months



72 Months



FastAutoLoanApproval.com brings attractive loan rates to your doorsteps. We are the answer to affordable auto loans in America. Apply now and get ready for the lowest auto loan rate of 2019.

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can definitely get low rates with Fastautoloanapproval.com. The company doesn’t consider credit score as the only factor for approval. It’s okay if you have bad credit history. Fill the secure application form and get ready for affordable interest rates.
Getting low rate on auto loans is very easy. You have to make your auto loan application strong. Make a down payment of at least 10% and also, opt for a co-signer. Also, keep your income and employment proof ready. This will help you keep your interest rates to the minimum.
It is not possible for the company to accept any car loan request via phone call. FastAutoLoanApproval.com receives thousands of applications every day and it’s important for the company to provide satisfactory response to each of them. It is for this reason that it has a standard format of collecting information which can be easily used for making a decision. Hence, you must fill the application form on the website.

Don’t worry about the security aspect of the website because it is 100% secured by SSL technology. Your data is encrypted so that it remains totally safe. Also, your information is used just for getting your car loan application accepted.