Frequently Asked Questions

Applying online for an auto loan can be an extremely simple process when all your doubts are answered. Go through this comprehensive list of FAQs to get satisfactory answers. has specially selected questions which are often asked by customers.

Q - I do not have a good credit score. Can offer me a bad credit auto loan?

A - offers bad credit auto loans at competitive rates. The company works with subprime credit borrowers and has a wide experience of dealing with poor credit. So, don’t worry if your credit score is not good. You can still apply for low rate car financing.

Q - Is safe?

A - Yes. is a 100% safe website. It is secured by advanced SSL technology with 256 bit encryption. You don’t have to worry about the security of your personal information because the company takes absolute care of it.

Q - Why do you need my personal information?

A - When you submit your confidential information on, the company uses it to find the most beneficial car loan program for you. Without knowing your details, it would be impossible to find the perfect match. Take a look at the company’s Privacy Policy to know how your information is used to get the best car loan deal.

Q - Are the services of available in every American state?

A - is currently available in all 50 U.S. States and the District of Columbia.

Q - Do you charge any application fee for applying on

A - doesn’t charge any application fee. You can fill the secure car loan application without any charge. The company’s car loan quotes come with a no-obligation clause.

Q - What factors are considered for calculating interest rate and payments?

A - There are several factors which affect your interest rate and payments like your car loan amount, loan term, vehicle details, credit score, financial profile, etc.

You can calculate your monthly payment by using car loan calculator on

Q - What are the basic requirements for auto loan approval?

A - 1. Stable job is important.
2. No social security income.
3. No open bankruptcy.
4. No repossession in past.

Q - I have bad credit history. How can I get guaranteed approval on car loans?

A - Fast Auto Loan Approval doesn’t judge a car loan application on one single factor. Many aspects like your income, employment, credit score, financial history, car loan amount, loan term, down payment, co-signer, etc. are considered for offering guaranteed auto financing. So, don’t worry if one or two of the above mentioned factors are weak. For example; if you have bad credit and cannot afford money down, you must have a co-signer, a stable job, etc. to get guaranteed approval.

Q - I don’t know my credit score? Can i leave the credit score field blank?

A - It is always better to know your current credit ratings before applying for any type of loan. Click here to get free credit scores.

Q - I have social security income. Can I qualify for an auto loan through

A - The company currently does not offer auto financing programs to individuals with social security income.

Q - I am self-employed. Does it affect my approval chances?

A - Your approval chances are not affected by your employment status. Self-employed applicants may qualify for an auto loan if they meet the established credit criteria. Please note that may require verification of income before finalizing the credit decision.

Q - I want to have a co-applicant. But, there is no option to add the details of the co-applicant. What should I do?

A - You must fill your details in the application form. If and when your application is approved, the company's representative will contact you. You can provide him/her with the details of the co-applicant.

Q - Can I mail my car loan application to

A - believes in offering quick results and for that, it requires the car loan application form in one standard format. This helps in taking quick decisions and also reduces chances of errors. So, the company accepts only those car loan applications which are duly filled and submitted on its secure website.

Q - What should I do if I have made a mistake in filling the car loan application?

A - If you have made a mistake while filling your car loan application, please fill another application form.

Q - What will happen to my credit score if I apply on

A - Don’t worry about your credit score because the company pulls your credit score only when you submit the car loan application and not before that.

Also, Fair Isaac Corporation has made it very clear that it will ignore all inquiries made in 30 days prior to scoring. So, if you are able to get a loan within 30 days, it won’t affect your score. This span of time can change to 14 day if the lender uses older versions of FICO and can increase to 45 days if the lender uses the newest formula.

So, don’t worry about negative hits on your credit score.

Q - What is the maximum car loan amount that I can get?

A - The amount that you can borrow depends upon many factors like your credit history, income, amount requested, trade in value, down payment, loan term, etc. Apply and know your exact car loan amount.

Q - When will I be contacted by

A - Once you fill the online application, the company takes approximately 2 business days to process your form. After your auto loan request is approved, you will be contacted via e-mail address or phone-call.

Q - Why my application is rejected?

A - The company has wide evaluation criteria which includes your credit history, income, employment, car loan amount, auto loan term, down payment amount, availability of co-signer, etc. It is quite possible that your application form may be weak in more than one aspects and that’s why; it was rejected.

Q - Can I get car refinancing from

A - No. doesn’t provide car refinancing.

Q - Can I get a car loan to buy a car from a private party?

A - No. The company doesn’t offer private party auto loans.

Q - What type of car will qualify for car financing from

A - You can buy new or used cars, small trucks, SUVs and mini-vans by applying on the website.

Q - Which vehicles cannot be financed from

A - Following types of vehicles are not financing by Fast Auto Loan Approval:
• Motorcycles, boat, RV
• Commercial vehicles
• Vehicles which are converted, purchased from gray market
• Lemon cars
• Vehicles which have salvaged, rebuilt or branded title vehicles

Q - Does require a down payment for approving an auto loan application?

A - doesn’t make down payment compulsory. If money down is required, you will be contacted after reviewing your car loan application.

Q - Do you charge any pre-payment penalty for making early payments?

A - doesn’t charge pre-payment penalty for paying-off your loan early.

Q - Is it compulsory to accept your car loan quote?

A - You are not obligated to accept car loan quotes because offers no obligation auto loan quotes. You can decide whether you want to opt for the auto loan quote after receiving it. makes sure that you get best car loan deal. To secure amazing & affordable auto financing programs, you must fill our secure car loan application form.

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