Pre-Approved Car Loans

A car is a necessity, especially if you need to travel long distances to work and study. But the high cost of buying a car can force you to avoid making the purchase. Thanks to the easy availability of pre-approved car financing in America, a car is not out of your reach. You simply need to submit your loan requirements to and we will find you an auto loan that suits your requirements. Your financing will be sorted even before you step out of the house to choose a car model.

The car buying process involves a lot of research. Ascertaining your needs, creating a budget, scouting for the best dealerships in your town and finally negotiating a car deal can take a toll on you. You can make the experience successful with a pre-approved loan. Understand the requirements for getting a pre-approved auto loan and you are good to go.

1. Proof of Legal Age
2. Proof of Identity and Residence
3. Proof of Employment
4. Minimum Gross Monthly Income of $2000

Now, it is not compulsory to make a down payment, bring a co-signer or maintain a healthy debt-to-income ratio. But they will obviously make you more reliable in the eyes of the lender and thus, improve your approval chances.

How does a Pre-Approved Car Loan work?

In order to qualify for a pre-approved auto loan, requires you to submit an online application form. After checking your credit score and debt capacity, our network will approve your auto loan request. You can choose a car within the pre-decided budget. Once you have selected the car, talk to our loan representative who will sort out the details and help you buy the vehicle.

Get a Blank Check for your Next Auto Loan

Many car buyers postpone applying for the loan because they believe that the process is frustrating and time-consuming. But, wouldn’t it be great to have a blank check in your pocket before you visit a dealership? If you have a strong credit application, can offer you a blank check. It will give you immense freedom in choosing the car. Having a pre-approved loan definitely gives you negotiation power. It means your chances of lowering the total cost of the car and/or getting free add-ons increases phenomenally.

Bad Credit Pre-Approved Car Financing

All car buyers benefit from getting pre-approval on their auto loan application. None more so than those with a bad credit history. If your credit score is below 540, most traditional banks and lenders may avoid doing business with you. In order to avoid uncertainty and high interest rates from local lenders, it is best to get pre-approved car financing.

You will be able to create a more accurate budget for your car. It will give you the needed clarity to manage monthly payments and thus, improve your credit score in the process.

Dreaming about buying a car? Make it true with Apply with the top-rated auto financing company and get ready for a pre-approved auto loan.

Financing Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

When you get pre-qualified for a loan, it is an indication of the amount that you will likely qualify for. However, there is no written commitment regarding the same. When you apply and get confirmation for a pre-approved auto loan, it means the lender has reviewed your loan application and actually offered you a loan quote.
Getting pre-approved for a car loan is not solely dependent on your credit history. There are several other factors such as your income, debt-to-income ratio, employment history, availability of down payment, presence of a co-signer and more. If you have bad credit, make sure you strengthen other aspects of your application and you will be pre-approved in no time.
In order to understand your credit situation, we need to look up your credit report. It offers an unbiased view into your financial behavior and makes the process more transparent. Do not worry about your credit score. FICO understands that applicants are going to apply with several lenders. If you finalize a loan within 45 days, all credit inquiries relating to the loan will be considered as one. It means you won’t face a significant reduction in your score.