No Down Payment Car Loans

Want to buy a car but no money for the initial upfront amount? You can get approved for an auto loan without a down payment! Apply with to get 100% of the total cost of the car. Get the best zero down car deals and enjoy low interest rates along with affordable monthly payments.

Buying a car is one of the essential rites of passage. However, the prices of car force the average car buyer to apply for a loan. And, to get approved for an auto loan, you need to spend money on a down payment. In order to seek money on credit, you need to pay money in the form of a down payment. It is such an oxymoron!

Seeking personal loans or choosing to sell your personal belongings to make a down payment are not your only options. If you do not have a car for trade-in, it is perfectly fine. If you want to avoid spending money on a down payment, apply with The bad credit auto financing company not only specializes in offering auto loans to people with credit issues. But it also provides you the opportunity to buy a car without the dreaded down payment. You do not need to pay the initial upfront amount to the dealer and you can get approved for the full cost of the car.

Tips for getting Car Loans Without a Down Payment

In order to buy a car without a down payment, you need to apply online on our secure auto loan application form. Provide your personal details and loan requirements. Do not forget to mention that you need a loan with 100% LTV. We will approve your loan request within two business days and you can buy a car immediately.

Your approval chances improve when you have:

  • A Good Credit Score
  • Lower Debt-to-Income Ratio
  • An Extensive Employment History
  • Decent Income
  • Cosigner

If your credit application manifests you as a trustworthy borrower, you can get approved for 110% or more of the total cost of the car. It means you can get additional money to pay for car add-ons, taxes, registration, insurance, etc.

How to get Bad Credit No Money Down Car Financing?

Is your credit score below 580? Do you not have an established credit score? Well, you can get bad credit no money down car loans with Compensate your bad credit score with your stable employment history. Provide proof of your regular monthly income and you will get approved easily. A gross monthly income of $1500 is recommended to get better interest rates. If you have multiple jobs and receive cash income, make sure you report it so that different income sources can collectively paint a picture of your financial condition.

Buying a car with no down payment or significantly less down payment is easy when you work with the right lender. Apply with to buy a car and avoid spending your savings on down payments.

Financing Tips

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Frequently Asked Questions

You are correct when you say down payment helps in approval. But, it is often seen that people don’t have money to make a down payment. In such a situation, you can use your old car as trade-in. The dealer will deduct the value of your car from the total loan amount. Also, cash rebates can be used as down payment. You can even opt for no down payment auto financing program for a slightly higher rate.
The company believes that every car buyer is different. That’s why; there is no specific amount for down payment. You can put any amount as money down. But, it is advisable to make a down payment of at least 10%. Also, you can opt for no down payment option with Fast Auto Loan Approval.
It is always a good idea to make a down payment. No matter the amount, it will definitely help you in reducing the loan amount. At, we accept low down payments as well as zero down payments. Feel free to apply on our website; we will customize a loan quote for you.
Car loan calculator will calculate loan payments, total interest and the total loan amount along with the principal. This means it takes care of numbers. Now, while comparing an auto loan, you must definitely consider numbers. But, you must also keep in mind other factors like the loan term (shorter the better), penalties, hidden fees, conditions, etc. Choose the auto loan quote which makes car buying easy for you.