South Carolina Car Loans

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How to get Bad Credit Auto Loans in South Carolina?

South Carolinians with no credit history have equal opportunity of buying their dream car. Special auto financing programs for first time car buyers and students ensures that they can easily build their credit score while buying their favorite automobile.

Down payment is not required for getting approval on your SC auto loan application form. So, don’t worry if you are unable to manage money for down payment. Zero money down car financing is NOT a hoax with

Is your search for a co-signer bearing no good? Well, residents of the Palmetto State can forget the incessant co-signer search by applying for South Carolina auto loans without co-signer. There is no pre-payment penalty and the company is capable of providing 100% auto loans quotes without any obligation. Apply now.

Once your South Carolina Auto Loan Application is approved, you can start the registration and titling process by visiting your local DMV office:

Here's the address of the DMV office in the Capital City of South Carolina:

1630 Shop Road
Columbia, SC 29201
Phone: 803-737-8350

For addresses of other cities of South Carolina, please visit:

Financing Tips

How Can a Co-Borrower add to Your Auto Loan Deal in South Carolina?

Confused about the role of a co-borrower in the auto loan process? Understand how a co-borrower can help you to negotiate a better interest rate that is in line with the industry average. Also, he will add brownie points in your favor while you sit across your dealer for buying a car in South Carolina. read more...

Frequently Asked Questions offers auto financing to buy cars for personal use. We do not offer auto loans on commercial vehicles.
The maximum Loan-to-Value ratio depends on your credit application. We need to review your loan request and understand your financial situation before providing you with LTV. The general rule of the thumb is the stronger the car buyer’s profile, the higher the LTV number.