Arizona Car Loans

Low rate car loans for Arizonans – a reality! Just apply on the secure AZ auto loan application form and get ready to purchase your dream car without down payment or co-signer. Bad credit and no credit are okay as guaranteed approval is for everyone. Applicants with low income can also get affordable car loan quotes today!

Fast Auto Loan Approval understands that along with the Five C’s – the fundamental elements of Arizona, the 6th C – CAR is also very important to Arizonans. If you want to buy a car at low interest rates, trust us! Our team will help you find a low-rate auto loan in Arizona.

AZ Auto Loans: Bad Credit is not an Issue

Most Arizonans consider bad credit scores to be the main reason for auto loan rejections. But a credit score is never an issue as long as you can showcase a stable financial situation. You may have missed a couple of payments in the past or have faced a repossession a few years ago. But if you earn a stable income and can manage making regular monthly payments, we will approve you in no time. You can even apply for bad credit no money down car loans and make a car purchase without giving away your savings as a down payment.

First-Time Car Buyers’ Program in Arizona

For the large student population of the Grand Canyon State, offers a first-time car buyers’ program. With a gross monthly income of $1500, absolutely anyone can apply for an auto loan and buy a car of their choice. Additionally, we do not make co-signing compulsory which means you do not need to convince your parents to buy a car for you. If you are financially capable of making the purchase, we will find you the best auto loan quote.

The benefits of applying with are many:
1. Guaranteed auto loan approval at the click of a mouse
2. Get a loan in two business days
3. Secure auto loan application form
4. No obligation to accept loan quotes
5. No application fees and no pre-payment penalty
6. Down payment and cosigner are not compulsory

Get the perfect metal on wheels in the Copper State today! With Fast Auto Loan Approval, forget all your loan troubles and enjoy the beauty of Arizona in the comfort of your car. Apply now and avail great auto financing options!

Once your Arizona auto financing application is approved, you can start the car title and registration process by visiting your local DMV office.

Here's the address of the DMV office in the Capital City of Arizona:

MVD Office
Phoenix Northwest
20626 N 26th Ave

For addresses of other cities of Arizona, please visit:

Financing Tips

How Can a Co-Borrower add to your Arizona Auto Loan Deal?

Confused about the role of a co-borrower in the auto loan process? Understand how a co-borrower can help you to negotiate a better interest rate that is in line with the industry average. Also, he will add brownie points in your favor while you sit across your dealer for buying a car in Arizona. read more...

Frequently Asked Questions

Having a down payment reduces the loan amount and thus, makes your auto loan more affordable than before. It is also helpful in getting quick approval. However, it is not absolutely necessary to spend money on down payment. You can avail a zero down payment auto loan and buy a car.
Having a bad credit history can affect your approval chances only if you don’t know where to apply. Luckily, is experienced in dealing with subprime car buyers. Let us handle your loan request and we will work with you to find an auto loan quote of your choice.