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First Car, First Love: Valentine’s Day Car Buying Tips

Valentine’s Day car buying experience can be simple if you treat your first car as though it is your first love. Landing the perfect car includes investing in the car buying process, reaching the right compatibility level, and eventually, choosing the right car for you.

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by Admin | January 18, 2021
Tags : Buy a New Car Valentine’s Day Car Buying Tips Choosing the Right Partner Pre-Approved Auto Financing Make Car Buying Simpler

A Co-Signer makes Buying a Car Easy and Affordable

A co-signer will help you in saving money by getting you a lower interest rate and faster loan approval. Make sure you have a reliable individual to help you get started in the initial phase of your auto buying journey. Understand how you can make the most of having a co-signer at your side when you buy a car.

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by Admin | November 5, 2020
Tags : Boon for 1st Time Car Buyers Savings in Terms of Low-Interest Rates Faster Auto Loan Approval Co-Signer makes Car Buying Easy Make Regular Payments

Why putting Money Down is Good for People with Bad Credit

Credit-challenged individuals should always put money down. The various advantages of down payment include faster auto loan approvals, interest savings in the long run, and offsetting car depreciation. Therefore, make a down payment and pave your way to a "good" bad credit auto loan deal.

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by Admin | September 14, 2020
Tags : Car Buyers with Bad Credit Catalyst in Auto Loan Approval No Money Down Car Loan Advantages of Down Payment Interest Savings

The Do’s and Don’ts when buying a Car with Bad Credit

If you suffer from bad credit, take the necessary steps to put across a strong auto loan application. A few simple do’s and don’ts of bad credit auto loans can steer your approval in the right direction. You should improve your credit score and consider second chance auto loans. Avoid overshooting your budget or skipping a pre-approved auto loan.

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by Admin | July 10, 2020
Tags : Car Buying with Bad Credit Bad Credit Auto Loan Approval Pre-approved Car Loans Get a Co-signer Increase Your Credit Score

Covid-19 and Car Buying: The Near Future of Car Buying Amidst Coronavirus

Is Novel Coronavirus making it difficult to purchase a car? While you are in quarantine, take some time and understand how personal cars are a lot safer as compared to public transport. Learn how you can make use of online auto dealers and why the inexpensive car will win in the long run.

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by Admin | May 13, 2020
Tags : Covid-19 and Car Buying Covid-19 Pandemic Pre-approved Car Loans Online Auto Dealers Inexpensive Cars

Important Elements That Matter When Buying a Used Car

Not sure if you should put money down or not? The pros of a down payment are plenty; such as reduced loan burden, lower interest rates and better chances of auto loan approval. Therefore, if you are thinking of putting money down, you should NOT think twice. It is one of the best ways to buy a car with bad credit.

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by Admin | March 22, 2020
Tags : Buying a Used Car Old Car Buying Tips Odometer Reading Vehicle Identification Number Stress-Free Auto Loan Process

Bad Credit History and Down Payment: Is it the Best Combination to Buy Your Next Car?

Not sure if you should put money down or not? The pros of a down payment are plenty; such as reduced loan burden, lower interest rates and better chances of auto loan approval. Therefore, if you are thinking of putting money down, you should NOT think twice. It is one of the best ways to buy a car with bad credit.

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by Admin | February 02, 2020
Tags : Buying a Car with Bad Credit Down Payment Bad Credit History Improve Auto Loan Approval Chances Less Interest Rates

Low Income Auto Loans: Put in More Efforts to get Approved

Do you think low income will hinder your auto loan approval chances? Certain factors such as buying a used car and aiming for lower debt to income ratio and payment to income ratio will help you in making a purchase despite having limited earning sources.

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by Admin | November 11, 2019
Tags : Buying a Car with Low Income Limited Income Low Income Auto Loans Budget Debt-to-Income Ratio

Post-Bankruptcy Car Financing: How to buy a Car after Discharging Bankruptcy?

Buying a car post-bankruptcy is not a bleak affair. You can make a purchase and still get an opportunity to improve your credit score. Do not worry if you have recently discharged Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. If you focus on taking time to build credit, buy a used car and put your energies at getting pre-approved financing, the auto loan and the car are not far behind. Let's learn tips to tackle bankruptcy successfully!

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by Admin | October 01, 2019
Tags : Buying a Car after Discharging Bankruptcy Post Bankruptcy Auto Loans Discharged Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Discharged Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Pre-approved Financing

Training Wheels: Beneficial Reasons to Buy a Car for Your Teenager

Are you afraid of your kid being behind the wheels? The necessity of a car for a teenager is parallel to the advantages of buying a car for your teenager. The right practice to follow is to buy a utility vehicle, make your kid involved in the car buying process and make him/her a partial cost bearer of owning and maintaining the car.

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by Admin | August 02, 2019
Tags : Buying a Car for your Teenager Training Wheels Car Buying Practices Choose the Right Car Valuable Financial Advice

Co-Signer, Co-Applicant or Single: What is the Best Strategy for Bad Credit Auto Loans?

When it comes to a bad credit score, you should be very careful in deciding your auto loan options. Understand the possible pros and cons of taking help of a co-signer or a co-applicant vs. applying on your own.

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by Admin | June 19, 2019
Tags : buying a car with bad credit finding auto loan co-applicant bad credit auto loan strategy seeking help of a cosigner

Get Set Go: Prepare the Right Budget to buy your First Car

Not sure how much to spend on your first car? Fear not. There are different ways in which you can create a decent budget for your car. Calculate the cost of your living and the overhead costs associated with owning a vehicle. Learning about different expenses will help you to narrow down the car that is right for you. Remember better budgeting leads to a better car buying experience.

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by Admin | May 11, 2019
Tags : Right Budget for First Car Income vs. Cost of Living Car Overheads Car Overheads

The Subprime Saga: Getting an Auto Loan when your Credit Score is 500

Rethinking your auto financing decision because your credit score is below 500? Overthinking will not lead you anywhere but working your way around your credit score can get you an auto loan approval. Focus on a pre-approved car loan, pay a large down payment and work on building a better credit score to get an auto loan easily.

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by Admin | April 14, 2019
Tags : Building a Better Credit Score Focus on getting Pre-Approved Auto Loans Less-than-Perfect Credit Score Save Money, Pay Down Payment

Rebates to Remember: A Strategy for An Affordable Car Purchase

When you go out to negotiate the price of your car, remember to ask for rebates. There are different types of rebates and incentives provided by auto manufacturers. The incentives can help you save dollars and allow you to buy any car that you wish to own. So, let’s understand everything about rebates and get ready for an informed, well-budgeted car purchase.

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by Admin | March 25, 2019
Tags : new car incentives car rebates captive financing rebates of cash